English at University

I loved studying English literature and below you’ll find some of the better English Literature essays I wrote while at Durham University between 2015 and 2018. Enjoy!

I’ve put these here to help give an idea of what a ‘good’ English essay might look like at university. Hopefully this is useful, particularly for those just starting at University since it’s unfortunately uncommon to see written work by other students and the step up from A levels to University can seem quite daunting.

They are by no means model essays or ‘right’ answers (reading them back I’ve noticed some of the paragraphs are a bit long) but should certainly give you a good idea of what a full-length, First Class piece of undergraduate work looks like. Please take my referencing and bibliographies with a pinch of salt (particularly the earlier ones!) In the unlikely event that you want to quote me in your own work, please reference appropriately.

English Literature essays

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