Law at University

After finishing English at Durham, I went to Cambridge to do a second undergraduate degree in Law.

I’m always happy to give advice or have a chat, so please be in touch.

There are many good Cambridge Law essays available at Per Incuriam. As with my English essays, these are not model answers and so you will find them most useful for style and structure, rather than substantive content. Will Chen has also created a great site with useful case summaries.

If you would like to buy my Cambridge Law notes, please send me an email – My notes are largely in Anki flashcard format, which is by far the best way to learn anything (no, really!) and particularly good for learning lots of the cases that are so essential for doing well as a Law student. I also include a pdf with essay paragraphs on various contentious issues within each topic. My notes are £30 per subject, and you can view a sample here (download and import into Anki to view) and here. The subjects I have available are:

  • Criminal Law;
  • Equity and Trusts;
  • European Union Law;
  • Civil (Roman) Law.

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